Monday, December 1, 2008

Aplastic Anemia Week

Hi everyone! December 1-7 is Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week. After a terribly rocky beginning of the year, Chet has had a stable summer but his counts are falling again. I think it might be because he caught a cold, which is so bad for AA patients, so hopefully they will come up again in the next couple of weeks. Other AA patients aren't as fortunate as he is to have fairly good health. Here is a link to purchase the Bravery bracelets to help provide funding to cure AA, PNH, and MDS. You don't have to know what the initials all stand for to know just how terrible these diseases are. We have to find effective cures that don't risk their lives as much as marrow transplants do. We have to find effective cures that don't leave them on medications that leave them bankrupt, or will cause them to max out within four years any health insurance policy they may be able to get. When the best cure is found, I am positive it will help cure other diseases too. It's only $10 for 10 bracelets. Give them to a friend. Spread the word. Let's save some lives.

Get your bracelets here!

PS... I would love it if you would send me pictures of you and anybody you know wearing the bracelet. I will create a special section for them on Chet's blog.

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