Friday, November 21, 2008

Low Counts

I took Chet in for counts today. We all have had a nasty cough, and I wanted to see what was happening inside. His platelets are at 33,000, so they have dropped, and his white and red cells are down pretty close to borderline. This isn't a surprise, though, simply because it is a normal reaction when he catches a bug. We are going to keep an eye on him for any other symptoms, keep him on some meds and vitamins, and go forward with our Thanksgiving plans unless something comes up.

He went with Faith and I to see Twilight tonight, and we enjoyed the evening out despite all of us feeling so blah. He didn't want his picture taken there, though.... he knew too many of the girls that were there and didn't want to be embarrassed with a mamarazzi. I wish he didn't feel that way, but I accept it since it is a normal way to feel at the age of 12. I guess it means he won't want me going along to take pictures when he gets to go on a first date, either.

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