Friday, April 10, 2009

Viral Problems

There has been a stomach virus wreaking havoc on our family, and I had hoped that it was gone without getting Chet. Unfortunately, he did get it and started throwing up Monday. He stayed home Tuesday as we handled it with as many fluids as he could keep down and rest. After dinner Chet had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up at 9:20 to use the bathroom. He passed out in the hallway, and when I helped him to the couch I realized he was burning up with a fever. In all these years, he has never passed out and never run a high fever. As I threw together an overnight bag for both of us, I called his doctor to see which hospital she wanted us to go to. She told me to not spend the time going to Fayateville. She wanted me to take him to our local hospital to make sure he didn't have a septic infection. I was scared to death.

After a couple of hours in the hospital, the test results showed that he was barely above the critical levels with his immune system,but not septic. Since he did still have some immunity he would be better fighting off the viral infection at home than in a hospital full of sick people.(This is a small hospital without a pediatric oncology department.) He was given an antibiotic shot after they took two bacterial cultures, the results of which should be back tonight.

ByWednesday evening he was feeling better and finally keeping food down again. He went back to school Thursday because they are prepping for the benchmark tests. He is still feeling tired and worn out, but he is on the road to being well again.

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Katherine aka Scrap Yard Kath said...

So glad is is getting over that. It's so scary when they mention sepsis!